I’m not sure I can adequately express my gratitude for this program, this organization, and Beverly. I was referred to tatiana’s Hope by a dear friend who knew only part of my struggles. I had been in counseling for three years and though there was hard earned growth there, I still felt stuck. Lost. My first meeting with Beverly was comforting, exciting and gave new meaning to the organization’s name, as I felt real, true hope. Every meeting after built on that hope until I found myself having completed some of the most raw, and honest work I’d ever embarked on. Upon completion, that hope and freedom from pain was fully realized, and I no longer felt lost, but complete, joyful and my own. If you are struggling, I cannot recommend Beverly enough and have no doubt she and this organization can do the same you. God Bless

Instagram favorites made of smooth stone or metal are not just beautiful props for a photo, but quite work horses. Jade or quartz rollers effectively deal with morning puffiness and improve complexion. For this, the massage should “go” along the lymph flow: from the center of the face to the periphery. You can use gadgets with a cloth mask or serum – do not forget to cool the roller beforehand. If an accessory has edges, it, unlike a smooth one, will improve metabolic processes and warm up. Such models are suitable for preparing the skin for further care: due to increased microcirculation 5 tips, the components of the products penetrate deeper and are more efficiently absorbed. Needle mesoscooters should be used carefully – and as directed by the cosmetologist. Before using, make sure that there is no inflammation and rosacea on the face, thoroughly cleanse the skin and gadget (rinse under running water and treat with chlorhexidine after each use). And also carefully monitor the condition of the needles: as soon as they become dull, the nozzle needs to be changed.