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September 1, 2022   –   Another year has passed us by. It is hard to believe it is September 1st again and even harder to believe it is now six years. Tatiana, my wonderful daughter and friend, you are loved as deeply as ever and missed beyond words.

Grief is tough, no question about it; and at times it may seem too much! The love we hold for those we’ve lost is great and therefore the sorrow great as well. My gratitude for that great love and the memories we made together, has carried me.   

Acknowledging my grief as it ebbs and flows, expressing gratitude daily for all that I had and have today, and helping others who grieve, has taught me to be more compassionate, patient, and kind to myself! I have learned to give my grief the respect it deserves and in return, it does not consume me.

I am not who I once was. Oh, I am still “b” aka Tatiana’s mom!  But I’d like to think that I am still living and working to be the best version of who I am today. And for that I am grateful to God.

My sweet daughter, I super love you and I super miss you!  b


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